Exhibit Opening: The Wild Horses of Sable Island

On Tuesday, October 2, members of the Hickey Freeman team celebrated Roberto Dutesco’s The Wild Horses of Sable Island exhibit and book launch.


Dutesco is a renowned artist who has photographed for the pages of ElleVogue, and The Rolling Stones and has shot some of the most famous faces in the world.

In 1994, Dutesco traveled to Sable Island, situated about 200 miles southeast of Canada in the Atlantic Ocean. The island, bare of trees, is a permanent home to approximately five people and over 400 wild horses.These horses are protected from human interference by the federal government.


After Dutesco made his first trip to Sable Island, he began to spend more of his time fixated on the island’s natural beauty and its majestic horses. During his visits, he took stunning photographs of the animals in their natural environment, which are now forever memorialized in a book.


The book, handcrafted in Italy, is a collection of images by Dutesco, some never seen before in print. The book launched with the opening of a newly renovated gallery which houses his magnificent images that portray the sense of power and movement alive in the animals.

“The images are beautiful,” said Tom Beebe, VP of Creative Services for Hickey Freeman and longtime friend of Dutesco. The book of images is “like a lesson in survival and Roberto captured the beauty and the simplicity of the island and the horses … and it depicts a lifestyle with no humans.”

To see Dutesco’s photography, visit his gallery at 64 Grand Street, New York, NY, 10013.

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