Paul Stuart’s Mad for Plaid Party


“Fourteen windows for fourteen years” — that’s how our VP of Creative Services, Tom Beebe, describes his work at Paul Stuart when he served as their creative director, decorating the NYC store’s 14 window displays each season.

Beebe returned to the store last week, along with others of the Hickey Freeman team, for the Paul Stuart Mad for Plaid party. The party celebrated 6 window displays created by editors and bloggers, including Nick Sullivan of Esquire.

Inside the Paul Stuart store.

As we ate petite shepherd’s pies and ogled the copious styles of suspenders available inside the store, it was easy to forget about the window displays that face passers-by outdoors.

Many of the guest were, fittingly, decked out in plaid. Sullivan was wearing a navy blazer, white shirt, navy tie, and bold green and blue wool plaid pants.

Beebe reminded us how important those displays are for a retail store.

His window designs, he said, focus on movement. He likes to use wires to arrange ties and accessories in unique shapes.

Additionally, he likes to display many options in one category altogether — for example, a rack that displays 40 different colored ties. “That’s how men shop,” he said. “They compare all the options and pick the best.”

Paul Stuart’s window displays depicted lifestyle scenes, each including three mannequins. It was surprising to enter and find the vast offerings, including multi-colored velvet smoking jackets and an overwhelming selection of pocket squares, inside the store that took up the space of three floors.

We also respect Paul Stuart for its American heritage. The company was founded in 1938 in New York City.

Visit the store through November 12th to catch the window displays, and pick up deerskin driving gloves or argyle socks to finish your look.

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