Hickey Freeman President Mike Cohen in Japanese Magazine Men’s Club

This month’s issue of Men’s Club featured an article with our very own Mike Cohen — in Japanese!

Men’s Club has the longest history of any men’s fashion magazine in Japan. The magazine also holds popularity within fashionable crowds in America. You can often find it circulating our office or buy it at select J. Crew stores.

American made clothing is a popular category in Japan, a country that has an appreciation for the preppy style and quality tailoring that originated here. Cohen himself mentioned his preference for shopping in Japan in this interview on our blog.

The cover of this month’s Men’s Club magazine.

As Hickey Freeman is sold with success in Japan, the magazine was interested in learning more from Cohen. He touched on the versatility of the navy blazer and the construction of our garments in his interview, which was conducted in English and later translated into Japanese.

The magazine crew took some shots at our office on 42nd and Park, then moved to Benjamin  Steakhouse. We’re not quite sure what the article says… but hey, it looks good!

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