For the Modern Gentleman: The Beacon Model

Mahogany Collection Navy Stripe Suit, $1795, available at

Mahogany Collection Navy Stripe Suit, $1795, available at

New Spring suits are arriving to stores and, and we’re quite excited about it. Many around the office are making orders to refresh their wardrobes, and around here it is impossible to miss the phrase “B model” thrown about left and right.

We joke that the Beacon model is the Hickey Freeman HQ favorite. Although there are splatterings of A models, C models, and more (the Z body is looking very nice for a debut next fall) around the office, the Beacon or “B” model just seems to be a uniform crowd pleaser among the guys who know suits and want to look work-appropriate.

Jon Morales, who oversees design for our tailored clothing, describes the B model as “the epitome of understated elegance.” The series features a lean, contemporary look, slimmer than the boardroom suit of years past but not too slim.

The B series is fully canvassed, with an American soft shoulder and slightly higher armhole than the A model. The jacket has two buttons and side vents with working cuffs. The trousers are flat front.

You can view more from B series here. Of course, to each his own! We will be featuring other series in the Hickey Freeman collection over the upcoming weeks.

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