Hallmarks of Quality: Full Canvas Construction

Full canvas construction is a hallmark of quality in tailored clothing.

full canvasThe canvas is a floating foundation upon which the fabric is constructed. Our Mahogany Collection suits and sportcoats are made with a full floating canvas, meaning at several critical locations the canvas is gently tacked to the cloth through a process called basting. Basting attaches the canvas to the facing with thousands of loose stitches from the collar to the hem. These invisible basting stitches hold the cloth and canvas together.

The process allows our tailored to put expression and personality into each garment.

Full canvas construction gives the layers the ability to move separately, allowing for more natural movement and drape. The softer silhouette achieved makes the suit more comfortable, as the garment has a natural forgiveness and can take on the shape of the customer.

Tell us in the comments… do you prefer fully cavassed suits?

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One Response to Hallmarks of Quality: Full Canvas Construction

  1. Art A. says:

    Thanks for the explanation. I always preferred canvas but did not understand it. I think you should advertise this more, make sure shoppers at stores that carry multiple brands understand the difference.

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